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If you are wondering about a diet that will keep you motivated to look and feel your best, you may be interested in learning about the Richard Simmons Diet.

This is one that is based on motivational techniques and the wisdom of a person that has experience and dedication in the field of health and fitness.

Many people have seen success by using the Richard Simmons Diet and you will most likely be one of them too.

Who is Richard Simmons?

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Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Richard Simmons learned young that good food and plenty of it can add on the extra unwanted pounds.

Seeing 200 pounds at the age of 8 years old, he decided that he needed to do something about the negative impact food had on his weight. 268 pounds was his highest weight and he tried a variety of ways to shed the excess poundage without success.

At the young age of 16, he decided to implement a way of losing weight that deals with nutrition, positive vibes, and the moderate use of exercise.

As time went on he adapted this into his Richard Simmons Diet and it is having a great impact clear across the globe with people of all ages.

What is the Richard Simmons Diet?

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The theories of Richard Simmons have worked well for many people. His diet is based on motivation, diet, and moderate exercise.

Here are some key ingredients for each of the segments of his diet:

1. Motivation

As a motivational leader, Richard Simmons has set up a unique website. At, he has set up a Clubhouse that dieters are allowed to join with a fee.

The Clubhouse offers all kinds of tools to help them while they are dieting. People can join in discussions and sometimes chat with him live.

Dieters will also be able to purchase his DVDs that are filled with all kinds of great information that they will benefit from.

Richard Simmons travels to various locations, 250 days a year to teach people about dieting and nutrition. His website is a treasure trove of information that any dieter will benefit from. According to, people are extremely pleased with all that he offers to them.

He has a fitness club called Simmons and he also offers a cruise for people that are following his diet program.

2. Diet: What You Eat

fresh produce plays a big role in the diet

This diet is filled with low carbohydrates and is in the limits that are set for healthy eating. People everywhere are loving that they are getting the right nutrition when they follow the steps that Richard Simmons suggests for them.

This diet requires that people eat a lot of fruits and vegetables per day to reap the benefits that they provide. It is nutritionally based and here are some interesting parts of the plan:

There is a minimum of the 7 servings of fruits and vegetables and a 1200 calorie limit per day to the diet.

3. Moderate Exercise

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Exercising about 30 minutes is what is recommended for healthy living. The Richard Simmons Diet implements moderate exercise into its plans.

This is fantastic for older people as well as the younger generation. Overweight people really benefit from the sitting exercise routines that he provides for them.

Other exercise routines are excellent for people that want to add a bit more movement for their exercising part of the plan.

4. Fun with Food

Richard Simmons has made it fun for people to follow the food part of his diet options. Deal-A-Meal is based on cards that are carried in a dieters pocket.

Once all the cards are used, they know that they have completed the program for the day.

The Food-Mover is a way for people to keep track of what they are eating by carrying this tablet in their purse with small tabs to push down when they have eaten foods from that particular group.

These tools that he offers have helped people to stay successful as they meet the goals that they have set for themselves on his diet plan.

Richard Simmons Cookbooks

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He also offers a variety of cookbooks. There are plenty of great recipes that people can use when they are want to trim down and stay as healthy as possible.

He also offers a Food Diary where people can take notes and keep track of their progress while they are on the diet.

All of this helps people to reach their desired weight and keep off the pounds so that they can live a life free of overweight tension and health issues.

Since many people are concerned about the effect that weight has on the heart and its ability to function correctly, they are seeing the positive impacts on a regular basis.

Tips for Diet Success

1. Making Goals And Sticking To Them

When a dieter is first beginning the Richard Simmons Diet, they will want to take an overview of their situation.

Since they will want to be as healthy as possible for as long as they can, eating right is important. Make a decision to follow the program that Richard Simmons has is a way for people to remain involved in their current weight dilemma.

As they work towards reaching their goals, they will see all types of positive impacts that will allow them to be as healthy as possible.


With the Richard Simmons Diet, the benefits are many and numerous. Better health and the ability to live a more fulfilling life are key improvements that dieters on this plan will see in a dramatic way.

They will have a zest for life again and will be able to enjoy more of the things that they love. People are finding that at any age, including seniors, they are experiencing a better attitude as well as a trimmer, firmer body.

In all aspects, they become more confident in their personal and professional lives and they are able to give a great first impression anywhere that they go.

Words of Advice Before Starting Any Diet Program

It is always a good idea for a person to visit their doctor to make sure that they are healthy enough to use any diet, including the Richard Simmons Diet.

A doctor will be able to tell if they are able to follow the program to reap all the rewards and benefits. Women that are pregnant may be advised accordingly to be more watchful of the exercise that they do but in general, most people of all sexes are able to use the diet program without any side effects.

Should they ever experience any difficulties with their health while they are on this diet or any other one, they should visit their doctor as soon as possible in order to make sure that nothing is wrong.

A good report from the doctor will ease their minds as they continue to reap the benefits of the diet.

Review Summary

Your success with the Richard Simmons Diet is imminent.

People are raving about their positive results and they are recommending that others look into the positive aspects of this fantastic diet.

Richard Simmons was overweight at one time and he worked hard to understand how health and fitness work together in order for a person to be at their ideal weight with lots of great energy.

Practicing his motivational techniques is a positive way for a dieter to approach their eating habits and his understanding of moderate exercise is compassionate.

People everywhere love this diet and they are seeing huge benefits all the time.


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