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jillian michales master your metabolism diet plan

There are many people that have weight problems and one of their goals that is always a priority is to lose weight and get into shape.

They want to do this in a healthy way so that they can look and feel great.

Since this is difficult for some people to do on their own, it is a good idea for them to join a program that is implemented in an exceptional way so that they can see results for their efforts.

One of the programs that have given people the satisfaction of reaching their goals is the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan, often referred to as Master Your Metabolism [1]. 

With the great success that people have with this, you may want to consider using it too.

How the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan Works

Jillians calorie counter

According to the, Jillian Michaels is tough and she means business when you join her diet plan. She is a TV presence that trains people to know that their metabolism is the key way to losing weight and keeping it off [2].

With her plan, you will be able to lower your risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Her plan is strict and utilizes sleep, diet, and exercise to give your body just what it needs to look at feel at its best.

Incorporating all of her teachings will allow you to have high levels and energy so that you can be a productive person that enjoys life.

The Jillian Michaels Diet Plan Costs

You will love that this is a plan that doesn’t cost you more than a trip to the grocery store. You will be buying organic foods in order to follow her plan.

She also offers a wealth of information on her website that you can utilize for plans starting as low as $14.99 per month [3]. This is a personalized method that will go according to your weight and height.

In our opinion, it is well worth the small investment to achieve your goals.

Master Your Metabolism in 3 Phases: Foods to Eat

an example of some of the foods you'll be eating

Her main goal in the plan is to get you accustomed to eating right. She will want you to swap sugars, chemical additives, and added fats with natural and organic foods [2].

This is done in these three phases:

1. First Phase

You will first lessen your intake of potatoes, other starched vegetables, alcohol, and canned foods. This is just to name a few, as well as cut out foods with preservatives in them.

This may be difficult to do but as you learn more, you will begin to do this naturally as you are shopping for your foods.

At first, you should look at the various information that she provides on her website to make sure that you are eliminating these types of food from your diet.

2. Second Phase

During the second phase of your Jillian Michaels Diet Plan, you will get to experience the Michaels 10, which are the power nutrients.

These are foods such as leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and more. For a complete list, she has a section on her website that deals with this in more depth, or you can see some good vegetables for weight loss here.

3. Third Phase

In order for you to boost your metabolism, she will introduce you to the timing, combination, and quantity of foods that will work the best for you.

Part of this is not eating after 9 pm. always having a breakfast meal, and eating every 4 hours.

With this and more, your metabolism will work to burn off fat and keep you lean and healthy. For great insight and recipes, she has a cookbook that works for many people.

It is called The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook.

Shopping Tips

a woman grocery shopping for healthy foods

When you begin this diet plan, you can find plenty of advice on her website. Since all of your dairy, eggs, and meat products will switch to organic, you will want to pick grocery stores that have a nice selection of these types of foods.

Making out a grocery list before you shop is a good idea. This way, you will have a good idea of what you need beforehand.

Make sure that you use any coupons, discounts, and promotions that you can while you shop in order to shop and save money.

Jillian’s Exercise Tips

Of course, since Jillian Michaels is a trainer, she wants you to commit to a 5-hour a week fitness routine [4]. The workouts will give you the exercise that you need to tone up your body so that you look and feel the best that you can at all times.

Her exercises will give you plenty of energy too. She uses both strength and cardio training to give you the best impact on your goals.

There are excercise videos available on her website.

Sleep is Important

sleep is very important

Getting the proper rest is part of the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan. You will want to get around 7 hours of sleep per night. Make sure that you have a comfortable place to lay your head down and get the good rest that your body requires on a regular basis.

Having a routine will give you the best results, meaning that you should sleep and awake at the same times every day if you can.

Not everyone can do this but it is important for your well-being to try to set up a routine as soon as you can to reap the health benefits that the proper rest can give you.

How to Stay Motivated

a woman keeps motivated to stick with the diet plan

You will want to stay motivated on the plan so visiting her website often is recommended. On the website, there is plenty of great information and support for you to indulge in while you are on her diet plan.

If you stay motivated and informed, you will do very well and succeed in reaching your dietary and fitness goals.

Many other people have done so and you can read about their experiences with the plan on the website too. With all the positive that this plan has, you will be another success story in no time at all. Stay focused on what the plan teaches you and know all the health benefits that you will acquire by following it.

Since it has helped many people to overcome illness and prevent diseases, you will highly benefit from the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan in many ways.

You will look and feel great and other people will notice this in you.

Cautions Before Starting the Diet

a caution sign before starting a new diet

For most people, a short visit to the doctor is always a good idea before joining any diet plan.

This way, you will know that you are fit and able to complete the exercise routines and that the dietary options are good for your health.

Knowing that you get the thumbs up from your doctor is a big plus and can offer you the added motivation that you might need to help you meet your goals in no time at all.

Your doctor may have even more recommendations that can benefit you in a large way.

Review Summary

When you are using the Jillian Michaels Diet Plan remember to keep motivated at all times. You will see success with this diet just like many other people have.

As you proceed with the plan, you will feel exceptionally better and look great too.

It will give you the confidence that you need to do your best in all types of situations with your personal and professional situations.


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