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Freelee the Banana Girl is a famous Australian YouTuber and Instagrammer, who saw her popularity skyrocket when news of her banana diet went viral [1].

It turns out, she actually follows a strict vegan diet, which at one point consisted mostly of fruit.

There is much more to Freelee, though, than just her love of bananas. In this article, we’ll dig into to everything there is to uncover about Freelee, including her current diet, age, and what she’s up to now.

Why is Freelee Called the “Banana Girl”?

As far as we have been able to find, Freelee gave herself the “Banana Girl” nickname, and it originates from the all-fruit diet that she was following at one point [2].

This may be the video that put her on the map when it comes to bananas…

How the Frugivorous (Banana) Diet Works

A frugivorous diet doesn’t actually involve eating only bananas, but it does consist of eating only fruits. On top of that, each meal of fruit would include a single type of fruit, so for breakfast you might eat just bananas, and for lunch you would eat only mangoes.

Back when Freelee was following the frugivorous diet, here is what a typical day might look like.

Frugivorous Daily Meal Plan Example

  • Breakfast: 2 Whole Pineapples
  • Midmorning Snack: As many kiwis, apples, pears, etc. as you want.
  • Lunch: 5 Bananas
  • Afternoon Snack: Strawberries, nectarines, peaches, etc.
  • Dinner: Blackberries, Cantaloupe, Bananas, Mango, etc.

Here’s a look at what a typical day might look like for Freelee:

Do You Have to Count Calories?

No. This has been a big thing that Freelee has stressed on her personal blog – when she switched to an all-vegan, mostly frugivorous diet plan, she no longer worried about counting calories, or limiting the amount of food she ate.

According to Freelee, she actually put on about 20 pounds after switching to this diet plan, but she was more focused on longterm goals vs. what was happening in the short-term.

Her focus was on health, rather than counting calories or the number on the scale.

As result, she says her health and fitness improved, and over the long-term she actually dropped about 20 kilos, and that was without any calorie deprivation.

How Old is Freelee?

As of this writing, Freelee is 39 years old. Her birthday is reportedly September 17, 1980.

More Controversy with New Nude Off-Grid Lifestyle?

Freelee recently found herself in the headlines again, when she announced a move to the South American jungle [4].

We’re not sure why the nude part was so “controversial” though, other than that she announced that she spends most her day in the nude. That seemed to get a rise out of folks, for whatever reason, but it sounded more liberating than anything else.

Freelee has now shared many new videos and Instagram posts form her new off-grid home in the jungle. Some of the videos were filmed in the nude, although, they adhere to YouTube’s guidelines.

Is Her Lifestyle Fake?

a picture of freelee in the nude living in the south american jungle

Some people seemed to take issue with Freelee’s use of a smartphone and laptop in this new off-grid lifestyle, and even went so far to say she was a fake.

There were even people who accused of her of really living in a mansion, and just pretending to live in a shed.

That doesn’t appear to be the case though…

Freelee Addresses the Haters

In a now deleted Instagram post, Freelee addressed the trolls head on, and according to her, she spent many nights living in a tent under a shed, even enduring “monsoonal rains and gale force winds” [4]

She pointed to the fact that she had a smartphone that didn’t get any reception where she lived, and had a laptop and access to the internet via a satellite connection.

This, of course, was necessary, as she makes her living online, but there are still people who say she’s not actually off-grid because of her use of technology.

We don’t see the big deal, however, as everyone needs to make a living, and by all appearances, Freelee is living a very spartan existence, even with her access to the internet.

My Naked Lunchbox: Her Newest Diet

her new diet plan and book called my naked lunchbox
Image via YouTube

While Freelee says she still maintains a high-carb, all-vegan diet, it looks like she’s eating more than just fruit these days.

You can keep up with her latest diet, living situation, and much more on her YouTube channel or Instagram pages.

She recently launched a new cookbook [5], that features some great vegan recipes, Freelee’s personal life stories, and a 12 day guide for getting your health on track.

High Carb Vegan Lunchboxes

Her new book features some great vegan “lunchboxes,” which are recipes that you can take with you on the go, to school, or to work. You can even make the recipes for dinner if you want.

In this eBook, you’ll see some of the keys of a healthy diet, and it has a clickable menu that can take you directly to your favorite vegan recipes.

You can even access the book on your smartphone, which is nice if you’re out shopping for ingredients. Just click one of the recipes, and you can see everything you need to buy for your vegan meal.

Focus on Fitness and Health

Freelee says she personally designed all of the recipes in her new cookbook, and she put them together so she can stay at her fittest and healthiest.

Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

a healthy vegan meal

As we mentioned above, Freelee’s latest meal plans, feature much more than just fruit or bananas, and include lots of veggies, grains, and other great vegan foods.

Final Thoughts

While there have been some reported controversies surrounding Freelee the (former) Banana Girl, for the most part, she seems to be a genuine person, who really is prating what she preaches.

That includes, living a mostly off-the-grid existence, and following an all-vegan diet plan.

You can get plenty of great free content from her, just by keeping up with her social media pages and YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for some awesome vegan inspiration, she’s definitely worth checking out!


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