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With so many diets entering the weight loss industry on a yearly basis, it’s important to analyze one of the more fascinating ones in the form of the egg diet.

This is an all-inclusive diet designed to help shed excess fat, lead a healthier lifestyle, and make swift improvements in one’s physique.

Here’s more on what the egg diet is all about and whether it’s a good option or not for the average person.

History of the Egg Diet

It was sometime during the 1970s when the first murmurs started to make the rounds about an “egg diet.” Men and women were starting to pick up on these theme at the time as Vogue published it in their magazine [1].

However, the egg diet sputtered away into nothing before coming back with a bang during the 21st century. With so many diets being tried, the egg diet was a natural addition to the list as a way to promptly lose weight without falling ill.

The premise behind this diet was to take the egg’s illustrious nutritional profile and use it as a foundational piece for an all-encompassing weight loss diet.

How it Works: Different Versions of the Egg Diet

three hard boiled eggs on a table

To understand the intricacies of this diet, it’s important to analyze its many variations [2] in detail. This is the only way to grasp how the diet works and why it has such a passionate set of followers in the weight loss community.

1. Hard-Boiled Egg Diet

Let’s begin with the hard-boiled egg diet and what it comprises of.

In general, the premise of this variation is simple. You’re expected to eat only one variation of the egg (i.e. hard-boiled) during the course of your journey.

This means it’s time to put away the recipes involving scrambled or fried eggs! Instead, you stick to hard-boiled eggs and then build a diet plan from there.

This is a basic version of the diet and is used as a way to simplify the egg-portion of one’s meal plan.

2. 14-Day Egg Diet

This diet plan is far more rigorous with how it is designed from top to bottom. For the 14-day egg diet, you are expected to set up three meals during the day and one meal needs to include hard-boiled eggs.

The remaining meals are welcome to include other valid foods such as lean proteins, leafy vegetables, and fruits based on your preference.

3. Egg and Grapefruit Diet

This can be termed as a play on the 14-day egg diet and aims to make slight adjustments to how it is laid out. With the egg and grapefruit diet, you will be eating half a grapefruit with every meal and no other fruit will be consumed throughout the day. When it comes to protein, you are either going to eat egg, fish, or chicken.

4. Medical Egg Diet

The medical egg diet is a unique one and is built on the premise of eggs and bread at different points of the day. In general, you are going to plan for three meals during the day (i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner) while preparing the same meal each time.

You are going to have one egg, a slice of bread (only one!), and a zero-calorie beverage (water, coffee). In this version, you are more than welcome to play around with the recipe and tweak it based on your preferences. If you wish to have a scrambled egg then that is what you will have.

However, please note you cannot add oil/butter/margarine to the egg as it needs to be in its original state as much as possible.

What Can You Eat on the Egg Diet?

a plate of eggs and avocado

There are set restrictions in place with the egg diet [3] and it’s important to follow them for appropriate results.

The foods are listed with a purpose and are aimed at ensuring the body sheds fat without losing out on essential nutrients.

The list of approved foods include:

  • Eggs
  • Fruits (Berries, Apples)
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Vegetables (Mushrooms, Peppers, Spinach)
  • Zero-Calorie Beverages (Water, Black Coffee)

Please note these are large categories and each category comes with a long list of potential food items. It’s important to personalize the egg diet as much as possible by choosing wisely.

This is a great way to lose weight and enjoy what you’re consuming at the same time!

Boil Egg Diet Pros & Cons


1. Works for Weight Loss

two women high five after losing weight

This is the most important advantage of the egg diet and why it has gained in popularity among the masses. People want a quick solution for losing weight and want to make sure it’s done in a safe manner.

With the egg diet, you are able to choose from a variety of versions and move towards your weight loss goals at the same time.

It’s a proper win-win and it’s something people enjoy being able to work with as they find a good fit.

2. Easy to Follow

While there are multiple versions to play around with and choose from, each one is as simple as can be. This means it is not going to take long to figure things out and build out a personalized meal plan of your own.

For those in a rush or looking to get things started as soon as possible, this is a major benefit and something to keep in mind while choosing.

Whether it is the hard-boiled egg diet or the 14-day egg diet, each one is easy to follow and isn’t going to get in the way of one’s routine with regards to preparations!

3. Increase in Energy Levels

Do you happen to deal with energy problems all the time? Is it difficult to get up in the morning without feeling lethargic and out of it?

This is a problem millions if not billions of people deal with on a regular basis and there’s often no end in sight.

However, the egg diet is a good option when it comes to dietary changes a person can make to increase their energy levels. There is a real boost in energy when you are eating a combination of healthy foods including the all-important egg.

It provides more for your body to work with.

4. Improved Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is one of the last things people note when it comes to their health and that is never a good thing. In fact, it should be one of the first things a person points towards as they look to figure things out in detail.

The egg diet helps improve blood circulation, which helps the body recover and feel better year-round. Having this type of change brought into your life is a massive plus point and can lead to a number of health-related benefits.

These benefits can include improved sleep, reduction in heart problems, reduced blood pressure, and regulated insulin levels to name a few.

5. Packed with Nutrients

Eggs are packed with a multitude of nutrients and that’s why they’re incredibly popular. Numerous diets incorporate the egg as a foundational part of their program and the same applies here.

With the average egg, you are going to get important nutrients including vitamin A, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin D, protein, fat, b-complex vitamins, selenium, choline, and even riboflavin.


1. Can Make You Gassy

a guy with egg farts

While there are a number of advantages associated with the egg diet and its many versions, it’s still important to keep an eye out for potential negatives. No diet is perfect and the same applies to the egg diet.

It has issues and one of them involves the increased fiber intake and how it impacts your digestive system. While your metabolic rate will rise, it also leads to a build-up of gas in the intestines, which end up leading to released gas later on.

2. Demands Consistency

You are not going to wake up one morning, lose a few pounds, and keep that weight off. This is a slog and it is going to take hard work to make sure you’re heading in the right direction and losing weight on a regular basis. If not, you may lose pounds for a few days before they come back with a fervor!

The egg diet is only good for those willing to put the time in on a day-to-day basis.

Yes, it is easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean it is a one-week process. It is going to take a bit of time to settle in and you may have to repeat the diet on multiple occasions to progress further.

Should You Try it?

While the egg diet has its plus points, it is still one of those short-term solutions that are hard to maintain over the long-term. There are only so many eggs a person can eat before they will want no more.

The egg diet also isn’t a long-term solution, and falls more into the category of a fad diet. For that reason, it’s not one that we recommend for healthy, long-term weight loss. If you’re looking for some better diets to try, you can see a list of our favorites here.

If you are considering the egg diet, check with a medical doctor before starting it to make sure you’re healthy enough to try it.

Egg Diet Alternatives

Looking for something different than the egg diet? Maybe you want something that can give you better, long-term results. We have a few really solid diets that we recommend here.

You can find our full list of alternatives on our Diet Directory.

Final Thoughts

The egg diet is an intriguing option and can be a good learning experience for those looking to get their feet wet.

Your weight loss journey is going to be filled with fad diets and it’s important to stay focused on a proper diet plan instead of relying on one food such as eggs.


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