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adele weight loss
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While Adele is best known for her incredible singing voice, she’s recently received attention for her incredible weight loss. Since splitting from her husband Simon Konecki, Adele has lost a significant amount of weight. She showed off her slim new figure when attending Drake’s birthday party.

When Adele first rose to stardom in 2008, she was known for having a fuller figure. Because of this, her weight loss isn’t just impressive; it’s also inspirational.

A lot of women have seen Adele’s transformation and have wondered if they could achieve the same results.

Adele didn’t lose this weight overnight; it’s something that she’s been working on for years. In 2016, Adele said that she tried to shift the way she ate so that she has the stamina for long tours.

The results that Adele has achieved will take time and discipline, but her body transformation is more than attainable.

Adele’s 2020 Diet Plan

Some reports say that Adele has been following the Sirtfood diet plan [1]. This diet encourages people to eat foods that are “sirtuin activators.” Sirtuins are a type of protein that can encourage the body to burn fat and build muscle.

They can also help to regulate your metabolism, which makes this diet an excellent choice for anyone that has struggled with unhealthy eating habits in the past.

What’s special about this diet is that many of the foods it encourages you to eat aren’t typical diet foods at all. For example, indulgent foods like red wine and dark chocolate are both sirtuin activators. The diet also encourages you to drink plenty of coffee.

Of course, you won’t just be enjoying chocolate, coffee, and wine if you follow this diet. In addition to treating herself, Adele eats plenty of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

The diet also encourages the consumption of lean proteins like chicken and salmon.

The first few weeks of the diet can be fairly restrictive. During week one, you’ll be restricting yourself to just 1,000 calories a day, eating one sirtuin-rich meal along with three green juices. In the second week, you’re restricted to eating 1,500 calories, with two meals and two juices each day.

Past that point, however, the diet has very few restrictions. Followers are simply encouraged to watch what they eat and eat plenty of foods that are high in sirtuin. Because of this, the diet has helped people like Adele lose weight and keep it off.

Adele enjoys meals like chicken and kale salads, prawn stir-fries, baked salmon, and lamb tagine. This diet offers a lot of options and won’t leave you feeling hungry all day. Best of all, it encourages you to eat many healthy and delicious foods.

Adele has also said that she’s given up a lot of her vices, including tea. While tea can be a part of a healthy diet, Adele was loading her teacup up with cream and sugar. Before cutting back, Adele claimed that she was drinking 10 cups of tea per day. Since she’s stopped drinking tea, she’s lost weight and has a lot more energy.

Adele’s Exercise Plan

yoga is one of the workouts she prefers

Adele hasn’t lost weight through dieting alone. She’s also spent a lot of time working out.

Even though Adele has said that she dreads going to the gym, she’s put in the effort to get healthy. She works with a Los Angeles-based personal trainer and has an exercise plan that includes both weight lifting, circuit training, and cardiovascular exercise.

According to reports, Adele’s trainer has created a 60-minute workout session that really works for her [1].

Adele’s attitude towards gym sessions isn’t unusual. One of the reasons that many people struggle to exercise is because they hate working out. That’s why she’s also focused on finding ways to make exercise fun.

a group of women working out

Adele regularly goes to Reformer Pilates classes along with her friend Ayda Field. Working out with a friend can make exercise a little more bearable, and it can also give you some much-needed accountability.

Reformer Pilates also offers a number of appealing benefits. It can strengthen your metabolism and encourage your body to burn excess fat.

It’s an excellent way to increase your core strength and improve your posture. It can also boost your muscular endurance and flexibility.

If you’re like Adele and don’t like going to the gym, you should try to learn from her example. Don’t force yourself to get through workout routines that you hate. Even if you can’t afford to work with a trainer, you should experiment with different exercises and find something that you can enjoy.

Beyond that, you should try to get your friends involved. Whether you give Reformer Pilates a try or sign up for another kind of fitness class, exercising alongside your friends can be incredibly motivating.

When you have someone that’s willing to work out with you, you won’t want to skip the gym. You’ll be able to exercise regularly so that you can make real progress.

Attitude is Everything

a woman happy to be alive

More than anything else, Adele has been able to get into shape because of her positive attitude.

Many people have described Adele’s post-divorce weight loss as a revenge body, but Adele has said that her son, Angelo, is the primary motivation for her weight loss. She isn’t just focused on slimming down. Her goal is to be healthy and to be a good example for her young child.

Beyond that, Adele has been able to love herself and her body at many different sizes. She hasn’t been focused on fast, short-term results.

She’s worked to make healthy changes that she’s been able to maintain. Even though Adele’s weight loss has been dramatic, it’s likely that she’ll be able to keep that weight off for good.


If you’ve been inspired by Adele’s weight loss, and you’d like to achieve similar results, you should take a closer look at some of the methods that she has used.

Make some healthy changes to your diet. Ensure that you’re getting the exercise that you need. If you’re willing to put in the effort — and show some patience — you’ll eventually have a body that you want to show off.


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